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Feel the thrill as you predict the next card's fate in Lucky 7!

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A fast-paced game in which you bet on the value of the next card dealt from eight shuffled decks. Will it be below 7 (7 DOWN), above 7 (7 UP), or straight up 7? Make optional side bets on whether the card will be red or black, even or odd. Winning bets pay out at preset odds after each round when you can hit “Rebet” or “New Bet” to keep the Lucky 7 coming!

Technical Details

Number of Decks: 8
House Edge:
7 Down 3.84%
7 7.69%
7 Up 3.84%
Red 5.00%
Black 5.00%
Odd 3.07%
Even 7.69%
Platform: Download, Instant Play, Mobile

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